Windows 2004 update destroyed my dual monitor settings

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Robert Schoner Senior Member • Posts: 1,082
Windows 2004 update destroyed my dual monitor settings


Went through the 2004 update; BIG MISTAKE! It has totally destroyed my dual monitor setup and color profiles and I don't know how to get it back.

First the setup: Left Monitor, HP 23 inch (23CW )

Right Monitor ACER 23inch (SA 230)

Video Card GTX 750TI

After the update the Icons were totally scrambled with some on top of another; the color profiles were way off. After an hour or so I had everything back the way I wanted and put the machine to sleep. Today the icons are scrambled again and profiles are way off.

This is what I think is causing the problem:

Windows Settings Display: HP on the left as #1 and Acer on the right as #2. HP is set as the primary which I don't want but more later.

Windows Settings Advanced /Display Adapter Properties/Color Management/ Identify Monitors: HP-Monitor 2; ACER Monitor 1 (Yes, they are reversed but the physical position remains the same)

NVIDIA Control Panel: HP 1 on the left, Acer 2 on the right.

If I set the Acer to the primary monitor the icons further jumble, the profiles are further off and I can't move the cursor across the monitors from right to left only left to right.

I tried removing the HP monitor thinking it would force the Acer to the #1 position but it reverted back once the two monitors were hooked back up.

I'm going to try removing the video card and using the on-board graphics to see if that helps. But if anybody has any ideas I would most welcome them.

No, I did not clone the system disc before the update (My Bad!).


Bob Schoner

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