Help me, Canon R5 or Sony A9

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Help me, Canon R5 or Sony A9

Sorry for probably another topic of the same question, there should be a gear buying subforum.

I have had a used a9+200-600mm in my hands for couple days now and I really enjoy it. Im about to make the purchase decision later this week if im going with Sony or Canon, I have previously had Nikons and im not sure if im patient enough to wait for their Z8-Z9 versions with the upcoming 200-600mm. Biggest attraction for me is the electronical shutter without the need for shutter replacement and the ability to shoot silently.

So my question is what would you pick 95 % for wildlife photographing and 5 % landscapes, birds (still/BIF) mammals, and a little bit of macro, also video. Any thoughts why you chose A9 or R5 or changed to one of them, and what to consider. I would much likely want to stick with either brand for more than couple of years, so the cost of changing lenses/cameras wont get too high.

[b]Canon R5[/b]


1. 45 MP, this is one of the biggest reasons the R5 makes it so much harder to choose the A9. Im cropping alot, and some extra megapixels would help.
2. The range of older lenses with the adapter, I know with Canon I could have some older EF mount lenses. Im mainly using telezooms.
3. The service (atleast in sweden) is much better with Canon than Sony. I have heard to much bad about Sony service (unless its a pro deal, not available in sweden)
4. Improved AF eye for animals (birds)
5. Probably more lens options later on than with Sony for wildlife.


1. Price its almost 1600$ higher than A9. Coupled with 100-500mm that is 1000$ more costly than the Sony 200-600mm.
2. ES will have some rolling shutter issues compared to A9 with fast movement/panning. And for now its only usable with 20fps unless there is a FM update later on. So would be switching between mechanical and ES alot, and I understood there is no custom button option for this.
3. Shutter replacement later on. Not a big deal for the most, but the feeling to be able to shoot much more without the constant thought about the shutter replacement later on with A9 is so fun.
4. Maybe a little worse AF tracking than with A9 with BIF ?
5. EVF might be a little more laggy ?

Lens options: 100-500mm would be too costly if I purchase the R5, and I don't know how well 1.4 TC works with it compared to Sony. So I would have to go with Sigma 200-600mm probably with adapter. 100-400mm is too short for me.

Sony A9


1.ES, this is almost the main reason for me to go with A9. 20 fps silent shooting and without shutter/sensor wear. And also the option to shoot with lower FPS.
2. Still probably the best AF


1.Only 24 megapixels, so the option to crop is more limited.
2.Lens options. Would be only using the 200-600mm lens. I will not have the possibility to purchase the 600mm. And the AF gets worse with adapter, so no canon lenses.
3.Service is worse with Sony compared to Canon.
4.Weather sealing is quite bad

Lens: 200-600mm, one of the main reasons for sony is this lens. Internal zoom, silent focusing.

Sony A7R4 is also on my list, but I think the 61MP is a bit too much, and I've read that the quality with 200-600mm isnt that great, and there is AF issues so im probably gonna pass the A7R4.

Any opinions would be so helpfull, I've been reading and watching reviews and real life experience that its hard to make the decision. I've only tested the R5 with 100-500mm in store, so no real experience with it compared to a9 with 200-600mm.

Canon EOS R5 Sony a9
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