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David1961 wrote:

DPR make it very clear that these challenges are meant to be just a bit of light fun and not to be taken too seriously.

That is certainly the way I take them.

And that is all that can be expected since challenge hosts are volunteers and so are not expected to allocate time they do not have to policing challenges.

Consequently hosts are free to enforce their own rules as they see fit and according to their own interpretation of their rules.

You won't get any argument from me on that!

Hosts are also human and cannot always be expected to write rules in language that is without any ambiguity or room for interpretation, even if they want their rules to be rigid and tightly defined - we know at least some like to leave flexibility.

I don't think it is particularly helpful to hosts to have people coming along after challenges second-guessing their actions and decisions as hosts. Unless there is obvious cheating, substantiated by strong evidence (yes, we all know - or should know - the limitations of evidence...), I am not sure I see the point of casting the kinds of aspersions we are seeing here.

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