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Now with that said most Li-Ion batteries have a 2 year life even if they are used or not. Their capacity drops dramatically after 2-3 years.

I remember when Li-ion batteries were first introduced, that was a common understanding - used or not, dead after 2 - 3 years.

But I don't believe that's true anymore. I have 2 EN-EL15 batteries dating back to my D7000 (2010), 1 EN-EL15 battery dating back to my D610 (2012), and 1 EN-EL15 battery dating back to a recently acquired D7200 (2017 according to the date code on the battery). Each of them charge to the same level of charge using the following charger from Aliexpress that actually counts the amount mAH charged into the battery -  All of them charge to a little over 1700 mAH to 1750 mAH or so.  Considering that the batteries are rated for 1900 mAH and the batteries were only discharged until the camera would not turn back on and operate but still had enough power to show the battery indicator, I would say that it's pretty darn good for 10-year-old batteries.

As for holding a charge, I've left the batteries sitting on the shelf for a week or two after I charged them and they are still showing 100%.

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