RF 100-500 a review by digital camera world

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Re: RF 100-500 a review by digital camera world

tkbslc wrote:

JayLT4 wrote:

I really lost a lot of interest as soon as I read this;

"Regardless of the relatively narrow maximum aperture range, this is still a hefty beast of a lens. We had noticeable arm and hand ache after shooting for 20 mins handheld"

This is far from something I could call a "hefty beast of a lens" and it's lighter than the 100-400 that preceded it.

Depends what you are used to! I've been shooting m4/3 for a couple years and I was using a 70-200 F4 yesterday and it seemed like a monster to me.

No matter what your point of reference, 100-500 is definitely bigger and heavier than the majority of lenses.

I would agree that it is relative, but in the world of zooms up to 500mm, this thing is a featherweight. I think that context was really missing in their statement.

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