Which travel tripod would you choose, and why?

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Which travel tripod would you choose, and why?

I've never used a tripod before, as I've always used my arms and/or a stationary object to help stabilize the camera when shooting.  But, with an upcoming trip to some national parks, I think this might be the time to expand my photographic skills with one.  (If people disagree, feel free to chime in.)

I'm using an Olympus OM-D E-M-10 (version 1) and all my lenses are lightweight as well.  My camera and all my lenses combined make up less than 1kg.  I have a budget of $150 and would like to keep the tripod light (preferably 2 pounds or less) and would prefer that it fold down to less than 15".  I'm short, but would still appreciate a tripod that could extend to at least 48".  As I will be traveling with family, and this is not a "photography" trip, having something that is fast and easy to take up/down is also appreciated.

The contenders are:

Current thoughts on each:

  • Velbon: Legs have 5 sections each (all others have 4), but it has a nice high max height of 46.5" without the center extended out.
  • Manfrotto: Only folds down to 15.7" and doesn't seem to have a quick release option.
  • Veo 2 Go 204CB: This is the way I'm leaning.  44.1" height without the center extended and weighs 1.6 pounds. 
  • Veo 3 Go 204AB: Weighs 2.1 pounds and max height is only 39.8" without the center pole extended, so I have concerns about top-heaviness/stability when the camera's loaded up. 
  • Veo 3 Go 204CB: Lighter at 1.8 pounds, but same concern about the height before the extension.
  • Joby: The lightest at 1 pound and the novelty factor of being able to tie it/hang it from places seems as though it has interesting potential.  But would I be better off with a regular tripod?

Of course, not everything can be determined from specifications which is why I am hoping to gain the valuable insights of this community in terms of which of these travel tripods would work best for my situation, particularly the fast/easy setup/take-down of the tripod.

Thanks so much!

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