Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

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Re: Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

Echoing this - if what you are really for is low light performance - the sigma 1.8 zooms and 1.4 primes will do that better than a new body and f4 lens any day. Heck the 35 1.8 DX is a cheap sum forward try that first and see if you get enough light to be happy.

bjn70 wrote:

As above, I'd like to gain a bit of low-light quality compared with my D7200 with an f2.8 lens. Do D600s still have oil-on-shutter syndrome? I'd be looking to get a used 24-120 f4 to go with it. Thanks for any suggestions.

A D600 can be repaired, and there is always the D610, or even better the D750.

However there is no low light advantage of a full frame camera with f4 lens over a DX camera with f2.8 lens, they are effectively equal. You only gain the advantage if you buy an f2.8 lens for the FX body. You can again make them equal if you buy a faster prime lens for the DX body but you could buy faster prime lenses for the FX body in which case it will always have the advantage. If you insist on zoom lenses then the FX will have the advantage except for the one case of the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 lens which for that zoom range will make the DX and FX bodies again equal.

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