Scanner for old photos and slides?

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Re: Scanner for old photos and slides?

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Thanks, I think the v850 is going to be more than I am willing to spend. I am thinking of something more in the 300.00 or less range if I can find something.

The Epson V600 would fill that bill nicely. Prints, slides and negatives and its Epson software will do scratches, color restoration etc.

The V600 used to be the "state of the art" film and photo scanner, back when I was shopping in the 2000s. Still a great choice.

Yup, really good bang for the buck and within the OP's budget it seems.

Early in the year I was looking for the V600 but could not find them anywhere. I thought it was a discontinued scanner. But recently B&H Photo shows it in stock.

Epson is selling a refurbished V800 for $550, which is half the price of a new V850.

Now I have to decide which one to buy.

This might even be a better deal for me??

Is the 800 really that much better than the 600??

Wow, you can't beat the price on the refurbished V600. But it says out of stock.

I'm no scanner expert, so I can't discuss the differences between the V800 and V600 too much. But I do know that the V600 uses one lens, and the V800/V850 use two lenses. One lens for scanning printed photos, and the other lens for scanning film, which it does at very high resolution. Also, the V800/V850 come with additional software that the V600 does not.

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