Hyperfocal Distance?

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Re: Hyperfocal Distance?

Christof21 wrote:

Crotonmark wrote:

the open issue is still how do you measure the distance for the hyperfocal? you can't carry a tape measure


There is a method indeed without the need of a tape measure.

Just focus at infinity (or a very far subject that you consider to be at "infinity") and consider the closest point acceptably sharp. This point is the hyperfocal !

In your case this certainly means you take a first picture. Not sure this is an easy method in practice but this is good to know, it works !

With a mirrorless I use focus peaking so I can see the parts which are in focus ! Also, you may have a dof scale ( with Fuji for instance) which shows the minimum and maximum distance which are in focus. I prefer focus peaking which is more accurate, the focus distance displayed are generally not very precise unless you buy very expensive lenses.

Well, but wait!

Depth of field is critically a function of how much the image is enlarged, and the standard print size and viewing distance used to determine whether something is "acceptably sharp" is not even close to being replicated on a camera LCD. So there is no way that could be accurately used in the field; one would have to go home, process the image, print if at 8 x 12, and view it from 18 inches to determine what object is at the edge of "acceptably sharp". And then go back out and take the real pciture!

Thus using the LCD in the field to determine the hyperfocal distance would certainly be no more accurate than simply estimating the distance in the first place. And as others have indicated, it isn't necessary to be any more precise than a reasonable estimate.


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