Canon R5, spent the day with some jets

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Canon R5, spent the day with some jets

Spent the morning at Luke AFB here in AZ to test out some settings for jets and to see how I like the tracking in mechanical and electronic shutter modes

The air here in Phoenix today was BAD. The fires from California brought in some brown haze, and it was 105+ out, so shooting at a longer distance and cropping in wasn't going to be much of an option.

It took a bit getting used to, to smoothly track the jets in mechanical shutter mode, but after I adjusted to it I liked using it better then the electronic shutter option.

First, I wanted to talk about battery life though. I use the battery grip on my R5 because I like the balance and weight it provides, and of course the additional battery life. However, today I wanted to see how well the older LPE-6N batteries would work, and mainly see how long they could keep the maximum 12FPS in mechanical shutter mode (the green H+ icon). Well, I was shocked. I took over 6000 shots before the mechanical shutter rate dropped and the icon turned white instead of green. When both batteries were under 30% that's when it dropped, so that's great news.

Second, the buffer and UHS-II SD cards. Using the mechanical shutter I could not outrun the buffer using a ProGrade V60 UHS-II SD card, it was basically unlimited shooting. However, when I started testing the electronic shutter, I was able to outrun the buffer. And here's the problem with the electronic don't know that it's stopped shooting! It's silent with very little "blink" in the EVF, so unless your paying attention to the shot counter in the lower right, you don't know you're not taking any. Wasn't a big fan of that. However, on the plus side, the electronic shutter worked just fine for expected.

Tracking. For reasons stated earlier, I liked the mechanical shutter best because it has some audible and tactile feel to it. However, it does have a bit of a stutter in the EVF and that took some getting used to. I started pulling off 3-5 shots then taking a slight pause (1-2 seconds) and then continue. This allowed much easier tracking and framing if the jet was close...otherwise I sometimes accidentally cut off a wing or nose. This also helped keep the crazy amount of shots down just a bit, because this thing is FAST!

Autofocus worked really well. In fact the single-point box works really well as a basic range finder. If the jet wasn't big enough to fill the box, don't both shooting, it's just too far away. Towards the end of the morning I started to use the AF tracking and it locked on the jets really well and I was able to keep things well composed without having to worry about keeping the focus point on them...that was great!

If there as one thing that I would complain about it was that when the lens lost focus and has to track, I completely lost view as well because the EVF had no focus lock. So if a jet was hard to focus on because it was in the distance, then it was very easy for me to lose it completely. Granted it had to be far away to do this, but anytime the lens hunts for focus is going to be an issue.

That's about it for now. Overall the R5 worked really well, I just need to retrain myself a bit to get the most out of it when compared to mt DSLRs. In the end, I would take the R5 to an airshow right now over my 90D.

I was mainly using the Canon 100-400L MKII, sometimes with the 1.4x III extender, and also took a few shots with the Sigma 150-600C, but this trip was more about the camera than the lenses for me.

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