That's the one!

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That's the one!

The (Eurasian) Blue Tit is a bird found all over Europe (with a variant living in northwestern Africa called African Blue Tit), and east of it lives the Azure tit, which can be found all the way to China. The Azure has a white head and lacks green and yellow areas, otherwise very closely related and hybrids are common.

One of the smallest and fiercest birds there is in Europe, living off seeds, insects, nuts, and small invertebrates.

This youngster has found some peanuts (not their normal diet), which they love.

They seem to be very particular about how the perfect peanut should be.

You notice it's cap is not fully blue yet, and the chins have a little yellow tone, thus a youngster.

Ah, I have found one to my liking, hurrah!

These birds are really tiny — compare it to the peanut! When eating these nuts they hold them in both feet, or the left, never the right. So I guess they are left-footed?!

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