Am I the only one who misses

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Re: Am I the only one who misses

Yes, that's what I'm missing on R5, together with normal, decades proven, mode dial and either proper top display or replace it with physical dial ala Fuji to select drive modes, bracketing, and more. As it is the display isn't very useful to me, it's small enough that it shows only couple parameters and it's low contrast. It's pretty bad when 30+ years old EOS 630 has much easier to read LCD and displays everything that's needed in clearly separated sections.

The whole top plate is step backward, or rather sideways, for me. Video recording button is hard to reach so I set to record on shutter press in video mode and is it limited in stills mode anyway. Changing mode is awkward as well, there's workaround with switching current mode + cycling through C1-C3 but that's less than optimal. Again, reminds me how it was easy on Fuji: one dial on the left sets: Movie mode, Bracketing, High-speed burst, Low-speed burst, Single frame, Multiple exposure (could have been custom mode), Advanced filter, Panorama. On Canon I have just one big on-off dial, kind of waste of space. On the other hand I also missed classic PASMC dial on Fuji, I didn't end up using the ISO dial and the time dial mostly stayed either in A or T - controlled by regular dial in 1/3 stops.

Now I'm using the Q menu too much to change some parameters, will look into setting up customized buttons (ther's not that many of them) to be more efficient.

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