Sony FE vs Canon RF Vs Nikon Z

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Re: Sony FE vs Canon RF Vs Nikon Z

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Its just that the sony lenses are plagued with bad quality of construction from what i ve read while canon lenses in general not so much

Sorry, can't speak to that, as I've not seen those reports or run into any issues with my lenses. Have you had issues with your current Sony lenses?

My only lens that is oem is the 70-200 gm. Up until now no i havent seen anything


  • 4 copies of the 16-35GM
  • My 20/1.8G was stupidly soft (Also, I cannot magically take 20mm pics, so I returned it anyways)
  • Bought an 85/1.8 and it was bad in one corner. Returned it and grabbed the Samyang instead.

Good Sony lenses:

  • 55/1.8, which is really a Zeiss.
  • 24/1.4 was, thankfully, excellent.
  • 24-105G

Which, admittedly, is about on track with my luck with 3rd-party lenses as well.

I have the 35, 50 and new 85 sigma art lenses and the 70-200gm

sigma art is good value but not as good as Canon 70-200 2.8


I have the Tamron trinity of zooms for my A7RIV and the quality of those lenses is great. Surprisingly high for how much they cost. I don't know. I was a Canon guy many years ago, and I still have one Canon body, but you might find that switching systems ends up being costly and underwhelming. I think the quality of the R5 files should be great, but probably not as great as the IQ of the A7RIV. I prefer Canon colors and menus, though, but I have figured how to work around those issues...

It's the lenses of the rf system that intrigues me.Although here in Greece they are very expensive. I suppose the successor of the a7iii would be better. As for colours I am not sure what to believe as i shoot RAW. I dont kniw if the colour science of the Canon makes a difference.

I also watch Julia Trotti who recently made the switch to Sony and she has never mentioned the colour science.

Some of the Canon RF lenses look great. But I doubt that the IQ is so much better compared with the best EF lenses. I don't have the 24-70 f/2.8 GM but it is supposed to be as good as any. I have the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 and while it is not perfect, it is VERY good, and I would not trade it for the GM simply because of the size. I had the Sony 24 f/1.4 which is an incredible lens, but I returned it because I rather have the Tamron 17-28 f/2.8. Cheaper, more versatile, and gives me 90% of the IQ of the GM.

I was really intrigued by the Canon RF 28-70 f/2 but it is so massive that I have no interest in it anymore (a friend owned it and he hated how heavy it is).

The AF on the A7RIII was not great, but the AF in the A7RIV is much better (still not D850 great but much much better), so honestly, I see no reason to switch from Sony right now. I am getting the best resolution, the best mirrorless AF, and the most varied lens ecosystem (and since the e-mount is an open-source system, I don't have to worry about third-party lens compatibility). If the R5 had the resolution and the AF of the A7RIV, and Tamron made the same lenses for it that they do for the Sony, and I had a ton of money, then MAYBE I would switch... And still, given how Canon cripples so many things and how slowly they innovate, even then I might still stick with Sony...

The problem for me with canon rf is the cost. For example the R5 costs in the US 3800$ (about 3400€ a price i would pay). Here in Greece and generally in Europe it costs 4800€. The price of the 70-200 is almost 3100€. Right from the getgo the cost is almost 8000. With that price i could buy almost everything in the Emount and Zmount.

I wanted to ask you how are you handling those huge files of the a7riv. In my case i dont need 64 mp. About 36-45 is plenty for me

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