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I like the interface of the R6 so far...

BirdShooter7 wrote:

The dedicated buttons that run across the top plate of the DSLRs? I have always liked having dedicated buttons for ISO, drive mode, WB, Metering mode... and then not being present on the r6 has me a little frustrated. I think it’s going to take me a while to get used to all the controls.

EOS R6 topside

I think the buttons are generally well placed and are sufficient in number.  The only  one I can't seem to feel properly is the raised red-tipped Video activation button (visible above).  Whenever I'm trying to shoot video, I find that this button is too close to the raised area near the scroll wheel and it all feel much the same to my fingertips.  Most of us have the exposure linked to their Lens Dial on the R cameras.
One thing that offers more speed and reliability over the R and R5 is the re-introduction of the Control Dial which replaces the Top-LCD button.  I noticed other members complain that they recent R/Ra/R5 version (which interfaces with the Top-LCD) required a little more physical effort to engage and select the right settings. It was easy to turn the dial the wrong way without realizing it... or it was slow to engage compared to the physical Control Dial now featured on the R6. The version on the RP is recessed into the body but operates similarly.

(not my pic)

Earlier reports from the R testers showed a few cracked LCD screens which were earmarked as a weak-point in the camera design.  I haven't seen any examples of this from the R5 users but I like that the R6 uses the tough (and recently refined) Control Dial instead.  But I do like the look of the Top-LCD.  It's on my EOS Ra although I have found it harder to see in the dark with the inversion of the LCD and the backlight operating.
Overall, the buttons on the R6 seem well placed.  An example of this is the "Magnify" button which is located close to where the thumb rests... so you can easily find it when shooting Macro through the EVF display without taking your eyes off the target.  As noted by others, the M-Fn button replaces the ISO buttons (and several others).  It doesn't take long to get used to it and it's much easier to switch to L (ISO 50) without having to flip out the LCD screen and seek out the appropriate means of changing the setting via the menu.  I'd have liked to see the ON/OFF button replaced by a lever set on the right of the body... enabling one-handed use every time.... but I'm sure Canon have their reasons.

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