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Re: Nex 6 have eye af?

At one point I happened to own both Nex6 and A6000 and used them both in equal amounts for a while but ended up selling the A6K and keeping the Nex6 which I still use today primarily with manual legacy lens or A-mount adapted lenses, this is a great little camera that I still enjoy using and still turns in good enough results for my needs.

Here is an example I took in my garden today, whilst reading this forum this little guy popped up in front of me begging to be snapped and posted here (he does seem please to see me🤔)

Unfortunately Nex6 has none of the fancy features of today's models like eye focus or superduper tracking etc and was cursed with a horrible menu system, but once you got passed that annoyance I personally found it handled really nice, it produces great quality images and I would imagine would be an excellent/inexpensive way to sample E-Mount system before remortgaging the house for something better if you decide to go that route.

For me it is a reliable camera that with the right lens is capable of producing as good images as most today's models depending on your requirements of course.
I would suggest that if money were tight a cheap Nex6 with good glass could produce better images than Sony’s latest mega pixel wonder camera and cheap kit lens IMO.

Apologies if this is long winded but for anyone interested these are my own notes comparing the Nex6 with my then New A6000

Nex 6
1. Nice grip
2. Nice Finder
3. Hot Shoe, TTL works fine with minolta flash plus adapter.
4. Mode selector
5. Fn button fixes some of the frustration of the menu system
6. My old A57 Wireless remote works fine
7. Wireless send to tv works good
8. Separate wheel for app and shutter adjustment (aperture thumbwheel is brilliantly placed so much better than A6K)
9. AE lock button in the right place
10. Exposure comp easy to access
11. In Auto+ mode you can tweak DOF, brightness and colour etc via fn button (but unfortunately not with manual focus lens)
1. Initially I appeared to be getting less sharp results compared to my A57? I just couldn’t seem seem to get a really sharp hand held photo out of this camera but with practice have figured out how much to up the shutter speed to compensate for missing SS of A57, so original problem was of course camera shake, ok A57 has steady shot even with legacy lenses but I also feel A57 is just easier to hold steady (plus the built in SS of course).
Update: 08/07/16​ - getting good results now using higher shutter speeds' shots taken with this camera are indistinguishable from A6k with same lenses, have also discovered that moving the camera away from my eye just before hitting the shutter release seems to help especially handheld macro shots, so maybe it’s something to do with the vf position, maybe I was jogging the camera with my eye to the vf who knows?

  1. Battery life is poor, completely flattened battery just going through menus (same as A6K though) 3. Handling, menus go on and on and on, difficult to remember where things are, what on earth was Sony thinking?
  2. My camera seems to underexpose by about a stop (thats ok as is consistent)
  3. Auto white balance seems a little cool outdoors (but not as cool as A6K)
    6.No ttl remote/off camera flash control (well it does but you now need two minolta/sony flash units as the little built in flash will not talk to off camera unit, unlike A57)
  4. Eyepiece is too sticky-out to be pocketable, also feels hard and uncomfortable to me (but using without it is ok and preferable in most cases for me)
  5. No airplane mode (pos why it eats battery)
  6. No auto iso in manual and can't choose limits in other modes, so disappointed in this omission.
  7. Focus magnifier is awkward, can only be assigned to button c
    Update 08/07/16​ - just discovered you can program the AEL button to magnify, only does x4.8 on this button but this is so much better as the AEL button is in the perfect location.
  8. You lose that useful colour and brightness adjustment in A+ mode when you attach a MF lens.
  9. Rear Control wheel is ridiculous (same as A6K though), ie trying to adjust shutter speed in manual I would often end up selecting iso or mode/timer by mistake and have to cancel out before having another stab at setting the shutter speed, TBH this only affects Manual mode as for PAS modes this horrible wheel does nothing as the aperture or shutter speed is adjusted by the nice thumbwheel on top. As I use manual so much this has become pretty annoying, so much so that I just might not be able to adapt to this and it may have to go for this reason alone (Update: well I guess I got used to it in the end but still don’t like it, same as A6k).
  10. Buttons are flat/not tactile so difficult to find a particular button with the camera at eye, needs pips or ridges on the buttons.
    New 17/05/16
  11. .can't to do any sort of back button focus on this camera ------------------------
    A6000 F/W ver 3.10
    Almost first
    -3 x memory recalls (not figured this out yet but looks handy)
    (Update, I thought I would use this all the time but just feels too awkward to use).
    -Very customisable
    -Standard menu now like a57
    -Auto iso Upper and lower limit settings
    -Histogram can be displayed all the time now even when adjusting exp comp (you need to change setting though as default is to display that stupid dial thing)
    -You can program c1 next to shut rel for man focus magnify, this I think is perfect for me.
    -Peaking seems more effective than nex6
    -back button focus works and you can choose to lock exposure or not, great!
    -Fn menu is better, really like the tile menu option rather than having to go to the full menu system you can customise two rows of setting for quick access via the fn button
    **Update:​ - (this should be in the Bad section) looks great but in practice I have started to dislike using this now, if you hit the fn button by accident and turn the wheel you are going to adjust something by mistake and maybe you won’t be aware that something has changed until you get home and find out the whitw balance changed seemingly by itself as has happened too often in the past. Also if you want to adjust the sub menu, so for example you select creative style and hit enter, the sub menu jumps from the bottom to the left of the screen, why? It's so annoying.

-Mode dial is too stiff and have to use thumb only, Stacked mode dial on nex6 is way better -Handling feels cheap and some of the soft covering on the A6K has been removed on the back to make room for the c2 button, this makes the Nex6 feel more comfortable to hold in my opinion.
-Rear dial feels too loose will have to see if this gets hit by accident in use
- screen missing lager character option so writing seems (is) smaller
- in fact everything on screen seems smaller, i.e. they even shrunk the histogram on both lcd and vf, why?
-vf seems smaller, the writing and icons all seem smaller or less clear in the vf than on
the nex6
- histogram is much smaller than nex6
- the lcd on my sample at least just doesn't seem to fit quit flush or maybe it doesn't stay put or something but I seemed to catch it with my thumb and it pops out away from the body, but have never done that with nex6 even though it appears to be fitted in exactly the same way?
-To my eyes the lcd and vf are way better on nex6 but the biggest noticeable difference with the two cameras side by side is the displayed colours, they are way better on the nex6, the lcd on the A6k looks washed out and lacking contrast compared to the Nex6, it just looks much worse as well as being harder to see in daylight. The vf is way off colour wise as well definitely not wysiwyg. So you take a picture using the lcd and everything looks dull and washed out or overexposed but when you view that photo through the vf everything is a different colour, tried opening my left eye to compare the actual scene to that displayed in the vf and it is miles off. But worse still, view that same photo on the pc and it is nothing like what I saw on camera via either display or vf, this is poor compared to nex6.
*** Update I have now found that you can adjust the WB for vf​ and knocking it down two notches (max amount of adjustment) has improved this but still not great in my opinion. Maybe it is unique to this camera as otherwise why have none of the glowing reports I have read ever mentioned this problem, the colours you see are just so wrong. **
-Maybe it is wb but the colours to my eyes are just too blue but no matter how much I fiddled with custom wb and tweaked all of the camera style settings I never once got near the warm colours I get from A57 which of course has its own problems with wb especially indoors.
-focus speed indoors is identical to Nex6 slow...
- Manual focus seems hit or miss?
maybe it's my eyes letting me down or maybe it is that vf but I also found it really hit or miss with manual focus legacy lenses but had much higher success rate with nex6 and same lens, using image magnifier and sometimes foc peaking on or off, things look spot on in the vf but the taken photo is often off a little when examined later.
- No button sound? I actually like the click sounds on nex6 to confirm a button push.
Finally I just never managed to get one exceptional photo out of this camera even using the same legacy lenses as used on n6. Also on af lenses the photos were never really sharp and on high speed mode with caf and tracking enabled and all the good things that people rave about I often just ended up with 20 or 30 out of focus shots of people at walking speed towards me, not even one or two were really sharp, what is the point.
In summary I feel that what I am seeing in camera on nex6 is much more believable than with A6k
Re-evaluation May 2018 ver 3.20

Warming slightly to this one some of above issues improved in f/w ver 3.20 (usa version) Maybe (ie menus no longer so laggy)
1. Eye focus (but only works with native E mount lens)
2. Can setup most common adjustments onto buttons
3. Tracking focus seems to work much better now
1. Exposure seems to be inconsistent, i.e. the same image taken at iso1000 (any PAS mode) is
1⁄3 stop brighter than iso100?
Reasons to keep
Is fast and accurate focusing with Native E mount Menu not perfect but so much better than Nex6 Pocketable with kit lens
WiFi a little better than Nex6
Have found button setup I like, (just one more button would be perfect)
Works ok with la-ea2 (nice shots with BC and 70-300 G)
Daylight shots at ISO 1000 seem ok noise wise (need to check Difference to Nex6 and A57)
No longer has stupid coating on the lcd monitor that used to rub off on Nex series (though my screen is scratched now)
Reasons to sell
-It’s best features only work with E mount which I would have to buy (if/when they are released) -Currently no reasonably priced good lenses so would have to use A mount with LA-EA2
-If I am going to use LA might as well use A57
-If Mainly used for legacy manual lenses might as well keep Nex6 for that, as OVF and monitor are much better
-Would get more for A6k than Nex6 to put towards something else
So A6K is small but only with the SELP1650 kit lens on,
Seems like all other lenses are much bigger, and with la-ea2 plus Minolta/Sony A mount lens it is as big and heavy as my A57
So it has super fast focusing, but only with Sony E mount lenses,
Doesn’t seem to be any affordable native Beer-can or sal85f28 type lens? Sigma DN 60 fits the bill for some subjects but you lose fast focus and OSS?
So can use A mount with LA-EA2 but no OSS, no fast focus, no eye focus, As the size and weight now near A57 might as well use A57.
As per A57 you still only have 15 x focus points with LA-EA2

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