Sony FE vs Canon RF Vs Nikon Z

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Re: Sony FE vs Canon RF Vs Nikon Z

The Lamentable Lens wrote:

Achilleas96 wrote:

I could sell all of my sony gear for a great price. Nearly what i paid for. But it was the canon line up that made me think. I want to know about the better dynamic range and the lenses. Sony was the only solution when i bought my camera and the third party lenses was what sold me. And if i keep buying into the sony system i would buy mostly third party.

By all accounts, the RF lenses are great (if expensive). I've not used them, so I can't make any comparisons. As for DR, the Canon R5 is certainly a major improvement over the Canon RP, but that puts it basically on par with Sony. At the end of the day, there isn't really a practical difference:

This really comes down to personal preference. Both Canon and Sony offer great cameras and lenses, and you shouldn't be held back by either system's technical specs (unless perhaps IBIS is particularly important). It's really a matter of which system you'll enjoy shooting more.

Its just that the sony lenses are plagued with bad quality of construction from what i ve read while canon lenses in general not so much

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