Can I use this position of Polaris?

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Re: Can I use this position of Polaris?

Yes, that's it.

Accuracy also depends on how well the polarscope is aligned with your mount's rotation axis.  It's probably ok, but you can check by following the "Calibrating the Polar Scope" instructions, page 36 of the Mini User Guide.

How "good" alignment with the polarscope is depends on the focal length of your lens (scope) and the camera exposure time.

If you could put a clock above the earth on its celestial axis, the earth would appear to rotate clockwise (west to east) around its celestial axis (N. pole) - so the stars, polaris, and the sun which are fixed in position, relatively speaking, will appear to rotate counter-clockwise.  If you could view the earth from polaris, earth would appear to rotate counter-clockwise.

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