7880, 7900 — reliable 24” printer

Started Sep 16, 2020 | Discussions thread
OP Alexey Senior Member • Posts: 1,272
Re: 7880, 7900 — reliable 24” printer

Thanks for the really valuable insight. The reason I asked about specific models is that some are known to be more reliable than others. For example, most people seem to agree that 4880 was a great machine, while it’s successor 4900 was a clogbox. I was wondering if there are similar reputations in the 24 inch-printer world.

One of the reasons I love the 4880 is the cheap, beautiful oem ink. I refill mine from expired larger OEM cartridges from eBay and couldn’t be happier with performance and cost.  Expired cartridges for 24 inch models also seem to be very reasonably priced and/or refills available.  Would I have the same option of finding inexpensive expired ink with a Canon 24 inch printer?

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