7880, 7900 — reliable 24” printer

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Re: 7880, 7900 — reliable 24” printer

You are asking a question that has no reliable answer.

I have had to discard a 7800 after 5 years of faithful service and a 7890 after 2 years. Many people have gotten much more life out of their printers. Others have had worse luck.

Commercial printing companies have service contracts and know that a down machine is more lost money in time, so the machine must be fixed immediately or replaced immediately despite the fact that either choice represents the cost of a new machine. They can easily absorb this cost because the revenue the machine generates is far in excess. If orders are coming in the door, money is coming out of the printer. End of story - keep the printer running or replace it, now, damn the cost.

A "hobbyist" can't absorb such cost. And the longevity of these machines is a pure crap-shoot. Especially with a used machine. The most frequent failure is a print head failure.

I strongly recommend the purchase of a Canon over an Epson for hobbyists. The cost of a Canon print head is reasonable and the "repair" is easy. An Epson head replacement is prohibitively expensive and beyond any reasonable ability of anyone who is not a technician. Such repair is often well beyond the cost of a completely new machine. An absurd situation.

A Canon purchase factors in the cost of a head replacement sometime in the first 2 years of using the machine if it is used frequently. It is a reasonable cost and is a straight-forward process for an owner. (It's actually part of the routine initial set-up of a new machine).

My Epsons were fantastic when they worked. But they were far too expensive to justify any longer replacing.


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