Point and shoot camera comparison 2008 vs 2019. I was surprised.

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Look / Think more camera?

recklessrickftw wrote:

I will and thanks!! I meant to share this with you. Took my tg6 out on a paddle board this summer just after I bought the camera and got this picture of my sister on her paddleboard. Wouldn't have taken my iphone 7 despite being water resistant (not proof). The tg6 lens housing was actually faulty in that it would give really blurred images 80% of the time which I found out after this trip shooting, warranty replaced the lens system which fixed it... so this image is a little softer than it would be now plus I cropped it quite a bit from the original which was quite wide when I took it.

Still, a shot that would not exist if I didn't have this camera.


'Love the shot! I love that reflection!

Looks like you already have a bunch of keepers from that camera.

Just reminded me of another reason I like waterproof compact cameras.

Since there is no lens to change, and you don't have full control over the aperture / shutter settings, it means less thinking about those things.

So, if you want to improve your shots, you have to think about everything else.

Like looking for nice / good light to shoot in. Or looking for that unique perspective. That interesting subject matter. That interesting reflection! That interesting shadow!

Without the ability to just dial in a shallow-depth-of-field and burn away all that distracting background, you have to take the BG into consideration and work it into your picture.

IMHO, it is a great camera to force you to look more, and think more.

And then you get to turn around and use all that when you return to your ILC.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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