Is this acceptable sharpness from the d850 & 200-500

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Re: Is this acceptable sharpness from the d850 & 200-500

Bill Ferris wrote:

blong10 wrote:

Here are the unedited shots. Shot in 12 bit RAW. Straight out of the camera.

Something definitely looks a bit off in these. The last two missed focus. Focus was captured at the nose, not at the most prominent eye. Which autofocus mode were you using? AF-C or AF-S? Single point, D9 or something else?

Focus was captured at or near the most prominent eye for the first two but, considering that the subjects fill the frame pretty well, they don't look right. There's no obvious plane of focus in the images. Were you using a filter on the lens, shooting through glass, a fence, or an open vehicle window? Was VR on? Was it hot that day or is it possible you were shooting across a heat-radiating surface like asphalt or concrete? Was an AFFT adjustment active?

The photos are subtly off but still off. I'm just trying to eliminate all environmental causes before turning attention to the lens, itself.

I was using AF-C setup with back button focus on all the images using Single Point Auto Focus. The weather was mostly overcast in the low 60's. The lens does have what appears to be a semi-new UV filter on it. Would that maybe be the cause of this? Also, AFFT was turned off on these. VR was turned on with the Normal switch.  Also if it does help I take pictures with this lens after pressing the shutter button the camera seems to jerk left ever so slightly sometimes in the VF I'm assuming I need to work on my technique of shooting handheld with this lens.

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