A7III or A7RIV for Upcoming Newborn?

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Re: A7III or A7RIV for Upcoming Newborn?

AGshots wrote:

AGshots wrote:

As someone who has both the A7iii and A7Riv, it’s really hard to recommend one over the other.

interestingly, I originally got them for the same reason as you which then led to me doing much more with them over the past year! First got the A7iii and absolutely love it! I decided to get the A7Riv as well when my wife’s company had an event at a Pumpkin patch last year and asked me to take pictures as well as video. So now I pretty much keep the A7iii in video mode permanently and the A7Riv in picture mode.

pros for the A7iii is that it can do full frame video without pixel binning and has a little better video in low light as well.

pros for the A7Riv is obviously the megapixels! and the ability to CROP LIKE CRAZY! there are actually many times especially as my daughter has become a toddler that I’ve been very thankful for the ability to crop insanely far into the picture and still have great resolution! For instance the following picture probably would not have looked even close to as good with the ability to crop as far as the A7Riv allows.

This is the original before cropping:

I’m hoping these look okay on your end. I’m out right now and uploaded from my phone. But just know on my end both pictures are perfectly clear! And the cropped one looks every bit as good as if I took it that way to begin with.

so final thought... if I could only keep one I would actually pick the A7iii simply because I do more video now with my job. But if it was just about pictures and videos of my daughter then it would be the A7Riv hands down!

Lens used in those pictures was a Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art.

not sure if the data shows on them since it was uploaded from my phone so I thought it might help to know.

Thanks! The photo look really nice and I can clearly tell why cropping is important

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