My lens got some "bubble" inside

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Re: My lens got some "bubble" inside

John31000 wrote:

Hello everyone

I've bought a lens refurbished like one years ago. I was very new to photography, now I've noticed that there are some bubble inside the lens very very small.

Do you know what is it ? If I can repair it ?

Separation. The front doublet is starting to separate from each other. This is actually a defect in the optical adhesive, and is quite common with budget lenses. The Sony E 55-210mm comes to mind. There is no way to economically repair it.

I've never had any problem taking picture with the lens. The quality is good.

It will most likely get worse over time. Once fully separated, there will be an air gap that was not accounted for in the design of the lens. This added air gap might cause low contrast, flare, and overall image degradation. I would keep using it until you see issues in the picture.

Here 2 pictures, maybe if you can tell me if it's normal

Micro bubble inside my panasonic 14-140

Picture taken with this lens at 14mm :

JPG , 800 iso , 14mm f3.5

I wanted to sell this lens. Do you think I should sell at a low price ?

Thanks you

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