My lens got some "bubble" inside

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Re: My lens got some "bubble" inside

I made it a bit more obvious

it is a common problem with a somewhat similar Sony lens.

Most think is fungus, I think that is some type of balsam separation because it happens between cemented elements and it is spread around evenly. Fungus grows at random . The Sony replacement cost for thse two elements is around $250, I have no idea of what Panasonic would charge for it but probably not much less.

BTW, IF it is what I think it is, it can't be cleaned.

This is a photo of the Sony lens , posted in the Sony A forum.

You should be able to see the similar pattern. Some think that it is cause by leaving the lens in the sun . Could be right..

(in the old film day was simply the balsam failing but the separation was a lot more obvious than that)

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