Third party lenses only?

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Re: Third party lenses only?

AaronX wrote:

Alpha is great, but most Sony lenses are expensive, and big. On the other hand, third party brands like Samsang and Tamron offer cheaper but optically excellent alternatives. But there are tradeoffs in terms of build quality, weather seal, and perhaps appearance. Are you okay with a Sony FF camera with ONLY third party lenses to save on weight and cost, or it's too much a compromise so you really have to fork out the cash for Zeiss?

I don't see anything wrong with owning a Sony FF camera with ONLY (or mostly) third-party lenses. Some third-party lenses trade very little compared to the Sony FE lenses and may actually be ahead of the older Sony lenses. It all depends on what features you're looking for and are willing to forgo. This doesn't even consider the world of adapting lenses.

I'm currently building a 3-lens prime kit for my A7RIV around a wide (20mm), a standard (45mm), and a portrait (85mm) focal-length prime lenses. I strongly considered Tamron's small and fast primes, but I wanted both a focus ring and an aperture ring so I've settling on a combination of Sony G, Sigma DG DN, and Zeiss Loxia instead.

I don't have any experience with zoom lenses, so I can't really comment on a third-party zoom lens kit, but it seems like Tamron and Sigma have quality f2.8 zoom lenses.

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