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Re: A7C new line of lenses

Well that is one of the major questions. Sony now has made an expensive, smaller, crippled A7 III (with only exception the AF system). But lenses also should also be that small to make sense for that small body. The provided kit lens is the only way to have a logical small size zoom lens. Actually there is always only one similar lens in many systems (Sony E (APS-C), Nikon Z, Nikon Z DX, Fuji X, Canon EF-M, Panasonic MFT, Olympus, I think in the future Canon R). Only that of Sony and Nikon Z have the widest equivalent aperture. Still they are large enough to not make the camera pocketable. For me, MFT is the true pocketable option with a zoom lens, while a rangefinder Nikon Z DX would be a greater compromise to something larger or a Sony APS-C camera if Sony improves its old not and so good 16-50 kit lens.

On the prime level maybe the situation is even worse if pocketability is in mind. The closest to have something pocketable on FF are f/2.8 pancake lenses. Sony among the FF players is the only one that has at least available the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 and some Samyang options. On APS-C side there are very few options even for a pancake to select and are equivalent around f/4. On MFT system there are wider options on non-pancake lenses at equivalent f/2.8-3.6 range while being as big as a Sony A7c with one of the above lenses.

A MFT or APS-C system is at the end a much less expensive pocketable option and even you could not sacrifice something. The Sony A7c would be a smart option if it had a "smart" price and lens ecosystem available. Sony must address both in order to support A7c purpose. Already current FF mirrorless cameras are small enough to support also a logical bigger FF lens.

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