Dotphoton Raw / 'Rawsie' - any opinions on this raw compression witchcraft?

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boris-rawsie New Member • Posts: 3
Re: Dotphoton

Hey Martin,

Thanks for posting the Fstoppers article. It's still a great one, but it was the first review ever and the product evolved quite a lot since then. There are more reviews out there, I'm not posting it here out of respect for the rules of the forum.

As to rebranding: Rawsie is a product by Dotphoton, it used to be called Dotphoton Raw before Spring 2020. We decided to rename it as it was a bit difficult to pronounce and memorize. As to the domain zone, it's just one of those fancy short domains lots of startups use today, nothing to do with Columbia (probably our website builder service is hosted in UA, not quite sure), but we're still based out of Switzerland.

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