Point and shoot camera comparison 2008 vs 2019. I was surprised.

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A few more tips and tricks . . .

recklessrickftw wrote:

That’s awesome. Apparently this tg6 is the best one you can get in the point and shoot format



and I bought it used for about 60% of new only 6 months old and it was almost never used.

At that price, just think of it.

If you get a few keepers from each of your vacations and even just a handful of pictures of your kid as you go to the park or beach or just goofing around town each year.

If you do that for a few years, that, IMHO would be well worth the cost of the camera.

I would hope this thing keeps on working as well as the cameras you mentioned and my trusty little old canon.

Just take care of it.

I had a Fujifilm XP50 from 2012. I gave it to my sister last year (2019). 7 years and still going strong. I'm now shooting on a Fujifilm XP80 (2015) and it is still going strong.

You have some really wise points you’ve shared.


As a parent that wants pictures of my kids, I have never regretted having a waterproof compact camera for our vacations, or even just our jaunts out to the beach.

I am guilty of grabbing both my micro 4/3 ilc and lenses and this thing and then having analysis paralysis with too much choice.

No need for analysis paralysis!

You have a great set-up!

On vacation, take both.

Whenever you don't want to take your m43 around (because it is too big, or you don't want to risk it), just stuff your waterproof compact in your pocket.

That is what I do.

We went to California last year for our vacation.

I took my Nikon D7000 with a superzoom and my waterproof compact.

For certain days, I used the dSLR. Like the day we rode the tour bus around town. We sat up-top and I just fired off shots with the dSLR. Or the day our oldest tried surfing, I got shots of her with the dSLR.

But, for the day we went to the Santa Monica Pier, I knew I wanted to splash around the ocean. So I just took the waterproof camera. Not having to worry about my camera getting damaged, I was able to enjoy myself splashing around the ocean with my kids. I just made sure to really rinse off the camera well when we got back to the hotel room because of all the salt water.

yes, I always make sure to check the seals after opening up to charge or take out the memory card, that’s the biggest risk and also probably the easiest to watch out for


And if you haven't gotten one yet, get a Floating Camera Strap.

These waterproof compact cameras may be waterproof, but they certainly "do not" float. If you drop it in a lake, it is going to sink to the bottom.

My favourite is the Fujifilm strap.


The way it is designed, you can open the clasp really wide. I am able to loop it over my arm and let it rest on my shoulder. So when I am splashing at the beach, I don't have to hold the camera.

As for the floating straps, I got a bunch of them. And I use them for other things too, like I put my car keys on a floating strap when we go out canoeing.

Oh, yeah.

If you haven't yet, get familiar with how to use exposure compensation and the force-flash-on and force-flash-off feature of your camera.

That, IMHO, goes a long way to getting better pictures out of a waterproof camera.

Forcing the flash on, even during the day, goes a long way to filling in shadows and making colours more vibrant. And in the evening . . . more light means less "noise", so cleaner pictures. If you want better pictures, knowing when to force-flash-on goes a long way to getting better pictures IMHO.

And since this is a camera that will be used around water (either the beach or snow) a lot, you either should put the camera into water/snow mode for those occasions, so the camera will give each shot a bit more exposure so that snow will look white and light reflecting off water won't underexpose your shots. Or . . . if you want to do that manually, just dial in a bit of + exposure compensation.

Olympus waterproof cameras (as well as Fujifilm waterproof cameras) make it easy to get to exposure compensation and flash mode!

Take care & Happy Shooting!

EDIT: P.S. Oh, yeah . . . like your m43, it has a 4:3 aspect ratio sensor. So . . . shoot wide so that you can crop out 4x6 pictures if that is how you intend to print pictures.

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