Windows 10 make look like Win 7?

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Re: Windows 10 make look like Win 7?

Simon Garrett wrote:

afterburn wrote:

mmarian wrote:

With Classic Shell I have my favorite programs on task bar on bottom of my screen in black color, same as my desktop screen and set to auto hide. It could not be more elegant and more convenient. I could also make my favorite programs to start upon boot up by including them in Start up list of programs but I prefer not to. Single click on the small program icon on task bar which appears briefly upon mouse over, job done. No clutter on my screen, simple as...

There is absolutely nothing you say here you cannot do with standard Windows UI since, well, Windows 95. Or maybe 98. So what is your reasoning to use Classic Shell and add a potentially less stable and memory using program to use functionality you already have?

Well, I know you're being provocative, but I'll rise to it!

If you mean that can launch a program equally well with Open Shell or the W10 start menu, then of course. That's all either UI does: launch programs.

The issue, which I think you might find several of us may have mentioned already, is a matter of preference: which UI do we prefer.

Any program is potenially less stable than some other program. In practice, Open Shell (and Classic Shell before it) have proved to be very, very stable. Do you have any evidence that it is less stable than the W10 start menu?

I know and I know CS. But if someone lists their reasons for why they are so happy about using CS and none of them are related to the purpose of function of CS, which is to change the UI to visually match that of W7 and all can be achieved by the standard Windows UI since Windows 98, then I just have to ask. Sorry.

I can make my taskbar black in W10
I can make my taskbar bigger or smaller in W10
I can set my taskbar to automatically hide or pop into view when mouse over in W10
I can add my favorite programs to the taskbar and start them with a single click in W10
I can automatically start programs at boot if I want to in W10

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