Considering a move to Sony FE from Nikon Z - advice wanted

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Considering a move to Sony FE from Nikon Z - advice wanted

I'm an enthusiast photographer who is considering a move to the Sony system. I normally shoot street, documentary work (of family etc), travel and some landscape whilst hiking.

For several years I was a Fuji shooter and there will always be something special in my heart about the physical dials and the overall general feeling of the system. However, I began to become attracted to the full-frame systems and I have felt Fuji have been slow at updating some of their older lenses like their 1.4 primes.

My dad has been a Nikon shooter for over a decade (landscape work) and I was influenced by him to adopt the Nikon Z system. I have actually really enjoyed their 1.8 primes and their 24-70 f4 zoom felt really impressive. I do wish they'd release a 16-35 f2.8 as I think this would cover a lot of shooting I need for a zoom.

One thing I have struggled with is that compared to the Sony system a lot of their primes are considerably heavier and bigger. It has made me reluctant to use the camera sometimes, even family members look at it as a large serious rig.

For example, the Sony FE 50mm 1.8 is about 50% less weight than the equivalent from Nikon. I have really taken notice of the number of third party lenses coming from Sigma, Samyang and Tamron as well - especially some of their compact 2.8 lenses.

Now Nikon does have a pair of compact 28mm and 40mm lenses due next year but there is still the lack of a 16-35 and the dizzying number of third party lenses. I'm sure in 5+ years Nikon will get there.

I have held off Sony due to their menu systems and lower-res EVF etc but it seems the newer models on the way have a new menu system (which seems positive) and clearly they'll catch up on the EVF etc.

I'm really after advice on whether a switch to Sony would be a sound move or purely a symptom of GAS syndrome so many of us are chronically guilty of.

I look forward to hearing feedback, please no trolling it doesn't help.

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