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Re: Borderless, bordered, and paper sizes

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

I used 11x14 inches paper for my darkroom printer photos and that was always my preferred size. Now I bought the ink jet printer and I cannot find the paper in this dimensions. I find 8.5x11,13x19, 17x22, but no 11x14.

Is there a paper in 11x14 such as Hot Press Natural, or other good inkjet paper?

My personal suspicion is that in may cases we made wet-darkroom prints that were full-bleed / borderless (i.e., flat paper means we didn't need an easel holding it down); but we / I don't want to print borderless with an inkjet because the overspray goes into the printers guts, which we want to avoid; so we use the next-larger paper size, print a hair larger, and trim with a rotary trimmer. That works great for 8x10 inch prints: use letter-size paper, print 8.1x10.1 inches and trim down. Likewise it's easy to two 2, 5x7 inch prints (5.1x7.1 inches each) on one sheet of letter-size paper. But for 11x14 inches, the next size up is A3 (about 11.7x16.6 inches), which is an odd one to Americans, and less widely available; and then up from there it's 13x19 inches, which is pretty wasteful.

Nevertheless, as previously stated, there are more than a few 11x14 inch inkjet photo paper options. Unfortunately, most of them are not really the fancier papers like Hot Press Natural. Looking at B&H, I see 11x14 inch sheets in 34 options (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/products/Sheet-Roll-Paper/ci/1118/N/3752970783?filters=fct_sheet-size_162%3A11x14in), a few of which you might possibly find acceptable (not that I've used any of these, but see Premier Imaging Alise Museum Grade Fine Art Natural, Inkpress Picture Rag Warm Tone 300 gsm, Inkpress Cold Press 300, Moab Juniper Baryta Rag 305).

But the mother lode of 11x14 inch options is definitely Red River Paper; see https://www.redrivercatalog.com/browse/11x14-photo-paper-for-inkjet-printers.html. You might start by trying Palo Duro Smooth Rag 310, or maybe Aurora Art Natural 285, or for my favorite paper albeit with a bit of a sheen to it, Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag. And actually, I'm wondering whether Palo Duro Baryta Fiber 300 will be a good replacement for the discontinued Hahnemühle Photo Silk Baryta.

Thanks for the comprehensive response. I never used full-bleed prints in darkroom anyway. I like it pretty small on a large paper. Somewhere around 6x6in on a 11x14in paper looks really nice to me, and I'd like to continue that way on inkjet.

I'd like to try Red River as many of you suggested. Do you maybe know which one is the closest to the Ilford Multigrade Warmtone FB Semi-Matt which I prefer for my darkroom prints?

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