Point and shoot camera comparison 2008 vs 2019. I was surprised.

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Re: A different Perspective . . .

recklessrickftw wrote:

That’s a great point! I haven’t had it long enough to really use it in those situations where I’d put any other camera away. Being in central Canada, I’m not around outdoor water a lot but in the rain or those days where snow is falling, I wouldn’t have a camera out. Using a camera phone is in winter crap because you can’t wear gloves and use it, you need bare hands. Thanks for sharing the insights!

I wouldn't be afraid of light rain, the type you might tolerate for a bit in order to get a picture.  I've used a variety of cameras in such situations, including DSLR and P&S, and never had a problem.  Of course, I keep it in a pocket or camera case/bag between shots.  Snow is even easier but do watch out for condensation on the camera and lens when you come back in.

In either case, rain or snow, I tend to let the camera sit out to dry once I come back indoors for a few hours before I put it away.

I've never babied my cameras. I figure they're made to be used, and have never had one fail.  Doesn't mean they won't, but I can always buy a replacement.  Of course, I don't throw them around either!

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