Point and shoot camera comparison 2008 vs 2019. I was surprised.

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A different Perspective . . .

recklessrickftw wrote:

I have a canon powershot a720 point and shoot that I bought when our first child was born. I just bought a used Olypmus tough tg-6 about 3 months ago because I wanted more than my iphone 7s is offering me in features/control and thought I'd get a nice step up in terms of IQ from that old canon as far as something I can have in my pocket.

I have to say, aside from noise (and resolution difference), that canon camera from 2008 still looks darn good (and has 6x zoom vs 4x on the oly)! I think it's sharper out of the camera (with same photo settings) vs the oly but the oly does quite a bit of noise reduction which would reduce the sharpness. It's honestly to the point where I might sell the tough tg-6 and just keep using the little canon for my pocket camera. I don't take the tough in the water so that't wasn't a big draw... I bought it for a worry free camera I can take to the farm in the dust, on a hike, when I'm biking to work in the rain, out in the winter in the snow, etc.

Aside from the rain, the canon can do all that and if it breaks from dust or something, I can probably just grab another used P&S to replace it for under $100 if the quality hasn't changed that much in the non-sony rx1000 market.

I really expected more out of this new olympus P&S for the price but I guess that cost for oly went into making the camera a veritable tank vs a 1" sensor competitor. This oly is built really well, I have to say, it's quite impressive.

Anyone else do a comparison between and old P&S and a new one they have? I am quite shocked...

Waterproof compacts are among my favourite cameras.

My 1st was a Fujifilm XP10 back in 2011 . . .


. . . and I haven't been without a waterproof compact since.

IMHO the power of the waterproof compact isn't of better IQ, it's of better perspective.

It can go where you don't want to take your other cameras.

Here's a shot I took of my youngest the 1st time she went snorkeling. IMHO . . . having the waterproof compact allowed me to get the perspective for the shot I wanted.


And the same with this shot of us paddling away in a canoe.


I just hung the camera over the side to capture my daughter paddling with her feet. LOL.

Or this shot while at the beach . . .


Because it is water and dust / sand resistant, I don't mind taking it right out in the water with me. And if I want to dive into the water and swim with my kids, I don't have to take the camera back to shore. It has a floating strap, so I just toss it over my shoulder and dive into the water.

Or when our gang went to the water park. The other parents took pictures of the kids in the lazy river from dry land. Me . . . I just grabbed the waterproof camera and jumped into the lazy river with the kids and got some close-up shots!

To each their own.

But for me, my waterproof compact camera is the perfect camera for those times that everyone is putting their other cameras away to be safe because we are around water, snow, sand or there is a fear of dropping our cameras! LOL.

Heck. When all those things might happen, isn't that when the fun begins? So . . . isn't that the perfect time to have a camera? LOL.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

Here's another quick shot I grabbed of my daughter and one of her friends way back when with that old Fujifilm XP10.


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