Why does Lightroom's "Auto" feature always change the exposure?

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Re: Why does Lightroom's "Auto" feature always change the exposure?

In addition to what's already been said:

When it adjusts all of the other values (black / white, shadow / highlight, contrast, color saturation, etc.), it is also changing luminescence values. That's going to change the base exposure value.

Try this:

  1. Without hitting AUTO, slide the exposure value up until the over-exposure indicator lights up. Note the exposure value, then reset to zero.
  2. Adjust a bunch of other things to taste (or hit AUTO), then see if the exposure over indicator lights up at the same place. It probably will not.

Another thing I found: if I find black/white points pre-AUTO (shift-doubleclick on slider handle), then hit AUTO and check the black/white points again, they may adjust to different values.

Also: when I hit AUTO, it often adjusts exposure, but not 100% of the time as you stated. Usually, but not always.


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