Remove Nikon p1000 exposure limits

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Re: Remove Nikon p1000 exposure limits

DAP MV wrote:

Patco wrote:

DAP MV wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

They only recently added RAW.

They restored raw.

Coolpix cameras used to support raw format. If I’m not mistaken, the last model supporting raw was 8800.
Later they took it out, to restore in P1000.

Maybe I'm understanding your post, but I'm not sure this is correct.
My P6000 (8-2008) came well after the 8800 (9-2004), and it has raw.
Many others produced after the 8800 and before the P1000 also have raw.

In this case I was mistaken, but only to certain extent.

My point, which I apparently did not express clearly, was that Nikon's development process of Coolpix series of cameras consists of periods of evolution and devolution. Nikon adds useful features to their cameras to remove then in the subsequent models, and sometimes reinstate them in the models that follow later.

I am not familiar with P6000, but I am familiar with P90-P900, which were released later, and did not support raw format.

Same goes for for the hot shoe: 8800 had it, P90-P900 did not, P1000&P950 did have it. (Did P6000 have it?)

Or the lens thread. You could not screw anything on the P90 lens.

An interesting one is a small b/w LCD display on the top of the camera. 8800 was equipped with it, and later it vanished. (Usefulness of such a display is a potential subject for another post, though.)

I would be interesting to make a chart showing those changes over time for all Coolpix models...

lol I hate it when manufacturers cripple features, I've had a coolpix camera since the E990 and later the E4500.  I have the P900 now but I went to Olympus for a more fully featured camera, the EM10Mk2.

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