Use EF 2x extender with the standard EF to RF adapter

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Re: Use EF 2x extender with the standard EF to RF adapter

Parampreet Dhatt wrote:

koenkooi wrote:

I you want to do:

camera -> adapter -> EF extender -> Lens

then, yes, that works.

If you want to do:

camera -> RF extender -> adapter -> Lens

then have a look at

Thanks for your reply.

I'm looking at the first option. Basically, I'm looking to build a cheap telephoto setup - find a used EF 100-400mm and use it with the EF 2x extender to get reach upto 800mm.

The RF 100-500mm is seems to be be out of stock everywhere I've checked and is also significantly more expensive.

With the 2x extender, the 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 would become a 800mm f/11 at the long end. I'm assuming my EOS R6 + adapter will be able to autofocus at this setting.

The R6 will be able to autofocus with that setup, just don't expect it to be too fast.  I've used my 2x III with the 100-400L MKII lens on my R5 and got some good shots, but the AF speed is noticeably slower (which was to be expected) and the images are a touch softer overall.  I still find the 1.4x III the best option.

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