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Understanding the m43 field of view, my perspective.

I have to admit I was completely puzzled when I compared a 3:2 ratio sensor to the 4:3 ratio but thought little about it initially! All I was really interested in was which was the better path to follow, FF, Fuji or on a whim m43. m43 had all the benefits I was after but I was told inferior image quality. My original post was met with such a vociferous reaction I thought I must have got this wrong, so I pulled out my dslr to check and no it seems I am absolutely correct in what I am viewing. I am very surprised that nobody seems to want to talk about this properly, is it because nobody understands it or that people are frightened to discuss it in fear of the "crowd" who seem to think 3:2 is superior, after all that's what FF and aps-c use, so it must be better? Maybe 3:2 is superior for some but in my book it is not nearly as good as 4:3 ratio, here's why the 4:3 sensor ratio is very interesting to me and if you knew this already apologies. But it does seem that there are a lot of people on this forum disputing the following!

As you can see the 4:3 sensor already has 3:2 built into it's field of view by offering a higher field of view in the vertical/short side from the off, as an example it's somewhere around the 21/21.5mm by my calculation on a 12mm which was a very pleasant discovery, why? because the 12mm on m43 can be shot 4:3 or 3:2 at 24mm without perspective change and with a much larger field of view to start with too, what's not to like about that? To shoot the 4:3 ratio, if I so much as dare on a 3:2 sensor in landscape is a real bother, the field of view instantly moves to 27mm, not good, I don't like that at all as it means I need 2 lenses covering the almost standard 24 to x zoom range.

But the main benefits really come into play surely in portrait shots, again this really messes with the focal length on a 3:2 sensor, essentially you can't shoot at 85mm in 4:3 on an 85mm lens, how weird is that. The classic 4:3 ratio for portraits is suddenly a 96mm!

Wow, by the time I work all this up, what have I discovered?

m43 is a pretty impressive system with a lot more flexibility for me than what 3:2 offers, but if you have any tendency to 4:3 ratio, landscape or portrait then unless you can afford MF I would say that m43 is a very interesting proposition and it's not as easy as many would have you believe here to emulate, well you sort of can, but not very well imo.

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