Can lens or camera have a 'clinical' rendering?

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Erik Kaffehr
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Can lens or camera have a 'clinical' rendering?


Recently I stumbled over poster claiming that a vendor's lenses provided 'clinical rendering'.

I have often seen that statement and I have always been skeptical. Just to say, discussing clinical rendition, I would always consider white balance. But, I think that lenses are worth some discussion.

Objectively speaking, the objective for a lens would probably to render a point as a point. Neither add or subtract. That is what a perfect lens would do.

I have never seen anyone complaining about a Zeiss Otus being to clinical. But, I guess that they are as well corrected as practical.

But, I wouldn't think that a less well corrected lens would render 'more clinical'.

Obviously, bokeh can be different, but how different are the images below?

The first one is classic medium format Hasselblad lens, Macro Planar 120/4 at f/11 and the second one is a Sony 90/2.8G at f/8. Very different lenses, but I would think they are sort of on pair.

Of course, I do realise that some lenses may have 'adorable faults'. But, in the end, I would expect that good lenses deliver good images.

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Erik Kaffehr
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