Relative value new R MICL vs old DSLR

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Re: Relative value new R MICL vs old DSLR

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People really need to look at the relative value of MSRP.

I am not sure why so many keep comparing the release prices to what you can get older models for now. For example here in Europe the 5DIV launched for €4500. The R5 launched for relatively the same price.

The 6D was in the 2k was range and now so is the R6. For both the R5 and R6 you get a major jump in features. They both do 20 fps which was only 1D territory.

The same goes for the launch prices of a 5DS/R.

So... had canon launched a new one of any of the DSLR lines what prices points would you expect th to be at?? Pretty much the same as the usual MSRP right?

So if people realise this then they must also realise that prices will come down over time in a similar fashion. They can upgrade to the latest DSLR version and hold out for later down the road when the RF cameras come down in price. Or they can pick up one that already came down in price (R from 2300 to 1800 for example), or they can get on to the R5/R6. And remember they can seemlessly adapt the lenses they already have.

Sure that is a fair comparison but I think it’s also quite valid to compare what you are going to pay right this moment. So, if I’m buying today, you can be sure I’m looking at the cost of all the options when I make a decision and I have to say, the attractive prices of 5d mk4’s definitely is going to have influence over what I purchase. Even though it isn’t an exciting new model, it is a darn nice camera at a great price.

I was think I pointed out that they could get the latest DSLR and wait for the MILC prices to come down.

In general IQ of the cameras he mentioned all hold up and even today. The major improvements that you get from MILC will be things like AF and DR. For those doing landscape I don’t see why an R would t just be great value at €1800. After all the 5D4 is still selling well above 2k.

The main concern would be to those looking for things low birding. Though one can most definitely can do it with the 5D4, there is no disputing that the R6 and R5 will do considerably better. And last I checked most serious birders have some darn expensive lenses. So I figured a mini 1DXIII (R6) would be within reach.

Cause let’s not forget... the 5D4 sells for €2600 here while the R6 goes for €2400.

Anyway. In the end people see to evaluate money vs value for themselves.

The 5d mk4 is definitely good for birding and yes I agree if you are mainly doing landscapes the R is definitely a good value. Around here lightly used 5d mk4’s are selling for VERY attractive prices. I’m confident that the R5 and R6 will have some advantages over the 5d mk4 for birding but also I’m sure there are also disadvantages. For example, battery life and optical viewfinder. Also I saw a review from a very experienced birder that said the 5d mk4 did better with TC’s on the big primes... Anyway I’m glad the new r’s are so popular, it means there are some extremely good deals on older gear now.

Since it looks like I won’t be receiving my R5 any time soon I have decided to rent an R6 (R5 wasn’t even available for rent until something like October 10) to really experiment with the AF system and try to figure out if I really want to keep my R5 order active or to cancel it. It’s frustrating to get so much second hand information and lots of it is conflicting. The more I investigate the more these new cameras seem to be more evolutionary than revolutionary. If that’s the case I might be grabbing a used 7d mk2 and 5d mk4 to tide me over until something comes out that looks like a better fit for me than the very expensive R5. Certainly if the AF system turns out to be as good as I hope it is then the cost of the R5 will be well worth it but I really need to see for myself before I make a decision to cancel or not.

After seeing how expensive the RF 100-500 is I’m afraid to see how much the RF 500mm f/4 will be.

20 fps is 20 fps. For birding that is definitely a big one.

And no, they are not evolutionary. They are indeed revolutionary. That is only really one issue either the R5 and the the battery life. Besides that I see absolutely no point in needing an “upgrade” in the next 2-5 years.

Well there is one thing about it that annoys me to be honest. With e-shutter you either get 20 fps or one. You can’t see it to be in between. But that is itZ

And I have owned the A7III for about a year and a half, shot the 7D and 5D lines etc. Edge to edge AF with subject tracking and recognition to this level. Canon went from the likes of the R to arguably surpassing Sony... big time and definitely when it comes to animals.

Basically the R5 will allow me to forget about getting the next body to upgrade to, and focus and spend my money in glass.

You will see...

20fps isn’t the be all end all, especially if they all aren’t in focus. I’m reading a good number of reports that the AF might not be as perfect as the specs suggest. Certainly everyone seems to agree that it’s good but then what we had before was quite good. Also, to realize full performance of these new cameras you have to have the latest lenses and they are definitely pricey. So I’m looking at bodies that are twice as expensive, the need to upgrade my expensive lenses, expensive mem cards, battery grips that I didn’t need in the past... I’m really starting to wonder in the performance difference is really worth the price. Hopefully this coming week I’ll have a better idea.

LOL, we’ll all have our doubts while waiting for our cameras to arrive.  It’s just a natural part of the process.

Then when the cameras do arrive, we’ll have the inevitable moments of regret.  At least until we get to know the cameras better.

This has always been the risk for early-adopters.  The key to minimizing both of these is to know beforehand (as much as possible) what you’re getting into.

This time around however, I think the protracted wait (for most of us) has indeed made it harder to maintain our sanity   .  But it’ll also make the transition easier as well, once we get our little mitts on the darn things!  

What I do know for sure, is that once the big shipment does come in, that we’ll all be able to watch it play out in full color, right here on the forums.  

Enjoy the wait,


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