Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

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Re: Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

"cheap" is relative and everyone will have its own definiton, but from a "cheapest" PoV, I'd say that both the D700 and D600 are super bang for buck.

I had both (still have the D600) which I bought second hand. My D600 had the shutter replaced and had no oil splat issues.

I found the D700 nearly darn perfect for pretty much everything and superb for portraits and  OoC colour accuracy. Only area where it falls short is in MP, in case you want to print big (if you only want to display online, its perfectly fine).

That's where the D600 comes in. I do a lot of landscape photo and I use the D600 when I need more resolution. I also do a lot of panos, so I dont really want more than 24Mp. Stitching 6-7-8 or more 36Mp files you end up with a very large file that I have no use for.

so...even the cheapest Nikon FX you can buy are still excellent for pretty much everything.

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