Perhaps a solution to solve overheating hybrid cameras?

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Re: Perhaps a solution to solve overheating hybrid cameras?

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I would be simpler to connect a copper heat-pipe from the processor to the metal tripod socket. You could then use a metal mounting plate, L-bracket, gimbal or other accessory to act as a passive radiator. I can see a huge market for finned L-brackets...

No reason you could not have an active cooling accessory as well - maybe in an optional grip with its own batteries.

Sure silver even. Great idea to get heat away. However, there are exceptions due to using conductors near a circuit.

Works great on my laptop. Has two heat pipes, for CPU and GPU. Each ends in a coil inside a cooling fan near the vent at the rear. Each pipe is a L shape about 5 inches long.

However, they are thermally and electrically insulated from the circuit boards.

But you don’t hold your laptop like one would a camera right? And what how long with your computer run on 2130 mAh battery and those fans?

I put it on my lap though. And my knees get quite warm.

The purpose and form factor or a PC is different than a camera of course. In particular a stills form factor camera

I certainly don't hold my camera by the tripod socket, and there is probably no need for a fan. Just a radiating surface. Heat would be spread over a conductive surface, like an L bracket, so it would not be unbearably hot. In the meantime, the heat over the rest of the surface, such as the grip, would be lower.

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