new iMac will Lightroom work?

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It is 'stand alone' license Lightroom.

Stand alone lr i believe is an older 32 bit version which wont run on catalina.

I have Catalina (10.15.6) on my 2015 iMac, and Lightroom works, most of the time. The only issue I noticed is it won't exit clean every now and then.

If you install Catalina over an existing system, LR 6 may continue to work, after a fashion. The core code is 64-bit.

However, my understanding is that the activation DRM involves 32-bit code that will not run under Catalina. Thus if you do a "clean install" of Catalina (or purchase a new Mac), and try to install Lightroom 6, you will not be able to activate it – assuming that you are even able to install it in the first place.

Well, I do not need to install it - I will restore it from backup. My concern is that in the old days these things used to store some sort of "key" to track install count - or whatever the purpose was - which was some sort of compilation of "stuff" obtainable only from specific piece of hardware, dunno, like say iMac serial number could be thing like that. Now, restored from Time Machine, LR finds itself running on different hw. No idea if they keep doing that, but it could obviously be a problem. On the other hand people do buy new machines, and do need to be using "old" software on them, so hopefully LR will run on new iMac.

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