new iMac will Lightroom work?

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Re: Thanks everybody for ssd tips. now 200GB

nbirkett wrote:

gucio33 wrote:

Thanks for the tips.

It is 'stand alone' license Lightroom. I have switched to CaptureOne now, but would like to be able to access what is already in Lightroom. Anyway, let's see if it works when restored from backup.

I am trying to simply retire my current mac, as it is 5 years old. Would certainly add ssd long ago, if not for the glued screen. External... somehow can't get myself to use that.

One more question: how do you account for space on disk?

On second look it is 100GB I am missing, not 200, but still it is a lot of disk space.

I have 1TB HDD. I now see 322Gb free (in finder).

I did "info" on /Users folder (off from macintosh HD) and it tells me 465GB, /System 16GB, /Library 16GB and /Applications 15GB, so that is approx 850. Where could 150 go? I get it could go for swap - i have 24GB RAM, so that could be, say, 50. I am still short 100.

Where could that go?

Stand-alone LR may not run under the OS you would get on a new iMac.

As for the space, this may be a dumb suggestion but have you emptied your trash lately?

That would be accounted for under /Users Trash is just some hidden folder something of that sort.

It is less about how much free space finder reports, as it is about the numbers not adding up to 1TB (or so).

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