Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

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Re: Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

I won't address each of the opinions from the Flickr group because that is what they are. . . opinions. I have different opinions regarding some of the D700 "issues."

For example, if you use a quality noise reduction program the D700 can be used at ISO6400 and even a little north of that. Personally, an ISO 3200 limit isn't a hardship for me after photographing professional theatre with ISO1000 B&W film (and more like ISO 320 using tungsten slide film). LOL

I think that even with its limitations, the D700 is an excellent general purpose DSLR, even in the year 2020. You won't find a better built Nikon unless you invest in a top of-the-line Dx series DSLR.

I'm simply not interested in using cameras with the build quality of the D600/610.

The D700 is shutter mechanism is loud but it won't leave the camera sensor covered with oil spots either. Every time I hear the harmonious sound of a D700 shutter/mirror I think to myself "Now THAT'S a shutter that is going to live past 500,000 clicks!"

When I see all of the wonderful images made with the D700, I don't notice its technological shortcomings relative to newer cameras. The D700 is a modern Nikon classic for good reasons: It is an incredibly reliable camera and in the hands of a skilled photographer it is still capable of making fine images. Such photographers have always been able to get the best out of whatever camera/lens combo they happen to use. They're not wasting time making excuses about lacking a little dynamic range, AF speed, sensor resolution, etc., etc. They leave that for others to do on gearhead forums. . .

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