new iMac will Lightroom work?

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Re: Thanks everybody for ssd tips. now 200GB

LarryRC wrote:

gucio33 wrote:

Thanks for the tips.

It is 'stand alone' license Lightroom. I have switched to CaptureOne now, but would like to be able to access what is already in Lightroom. Anyway, let's see if it works when restored from backup.

I am trying to simply retire my current mac, as it is 5 years old. Would certainly add ssd long ago, if not for the glued screen. External... somehow can't get myself to use that.

One more question: how do you account for space on disk?

On second look it is 100GB I am missing, not 200, but still it is a lot of disk space.

I have 1TB HDD. I now see 322Gb free (in finder).

I did "info" on /Users folder (off from macintosh HD) and it tells me 465GB, /System 16GB, /Library 16GB and /Applications 15GB, so that is approx 850. Where could 150 go? I get it could go for swap - i have 24GB RAM, so that could be, say, 50. I am still short 100.

Where could that go?

Stand alone lr i believe is an older 32 bit version which wont run on catalina.

I have Catalina (10.15.6) on my 2015 iMac, and Lightroom works, most of the time. The only issue I noticed is it won't exit clean every now and then.

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