Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

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Re: Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

Man, there has never been a better time to buy a Nikon FX camera...with the exception of the D850/D780, you can pretty much buy any of the all-time greats used for $1000 or less!

For example, I have an amazingly great performing D800 that I can't even sell because the used value is so low that it's better to just keep it! Also, I just recently bought a D3s for $800...that is the PRO low-light champion that changed the photography game just a decade ago! Similarly a D600/D610 will cost you a few hundred bucks, just like the D800/810 that may be a couple hundred more than that!

The world is your oyster my friend, feel confident to buy any of them, they all perform great! It comes down to best price available with least wear from a reputable/real seller.

Curve ball: before you buy one, though, do consider that Nikon's Z cameras are incredible performers... Even the little Z50 shoots on par with a lot of the greats! The Z6 is the top of the top camera right now (in my opinion) and it is new on eBay for only $1600.

Here's some proof of what I'm saying about the Z50...shot by me using the exact same focal length, color profile, exposure, aperture and ISO settings (these are JPGs SOOC):

D800 vs D3s vs Z50 (all three of these cameras cost ~$800 USD today):

D800 vs D3s vs Z50

D800 vs D3s vs Z50

D800 vs D3s vs Z50

D800 vs D3s vs Z50

In summary, they all look great. Very little difference between them (when set identical).

Hope that's helpful.


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