Windows 10 make look like Win 7?

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Re: ponytail school of UI design

WryCuda wrote:

Seems that MS is afflicted with the "ponytail" school of GUI design.

Do you have somebody in mind? Ponytail (as in MLP = my little ponytail) was Dan Lyons' nickname for Jonathan Schwartz, worst CEO of all time who wasn't a crook. MLP did not do GUI design, he just oversold Java and lost money selling software for nothing, but making it up in volume. So he said.

The idiot who took away the Start menu in W8 and loaded up the UI with swiping gestures and charms (whatever they were) was Steven Sinofsky, who didn't have enough hair for a ponytail. Sinofsky doth tweet, if you're interested.

Maybe swiping gestures weren't so silly... Android phones use them heavily since 7 or 8.

Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman run a well-respected UI consultancy, Neither has a ponytail.

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