What are some of the most absolute quiet auto-focusing lenses for video work?

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Re: Manual Focus lenses - with a focus puller and rack.

yazcui wrote:

However as another poster points out - it is usually best to rely on the inbuilt camera mic's for sound synchronisation only. If you are using them as your main medium for sound capture lens noise is likely to be a long way down the list of your worries.

Thanks. I'm just a hobbyist so I'm not so much concerned with crystal audio as I am with a screeching autofocus motor. From my research so far it looks like any lenses that use a stepper motor or a nano usm, would fit the bill.

One of the lessons I've learned, as a hobbyist, is that people who've done things before know more than I do and to listen to them. Countless times, when I didn't want to overcomplicate things, I found that doing things my way was BOTH more complicated AND gave worse results in the end.

Professionals do things the way they do for a reason (and that reason isn't because they want more work). Hobbyists who have been down the same pathway as me have often tried things my "simpler" way before and it didn't work.

If you're at the level of investing in a new lens for audio, and everyone is telling you to first invest in audio equipment for audio, but you're buying a lens..... Well, best of luck, and I hope things work out.

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