Windows 10 make look like Win 7?

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Re: Windows 10 make look like Win 7?

mmarian wrote:

When I inatalled the W10 and saw all the childish looking tiles, I installed the Classic Shell and never looked back. I get it that you can customize and remove the tiles but I did not now that then and was horrified by the look of my screen after the first boot up. As I said, Classic Shell did it for me then and it still does it today.

Is there any drawback/performance degradation of my computer from having the Classic Shell operating in the background? If yes,I might look at it again and uninstall and customise the W10 start up screen to my liking.

I ran Classic Shell for about 4 years on my Win8.1 "netbook" and never had a worry, and it seems that it's OK with Win10 as well. I now just ignore things that I don't like, as I'm more interested in the applications than the OS.

I'm pleased that someone else shares my opinion of the "childish and gigantic tiles". I presume that they are that size for touch operation. Funny thing, even with my large hands, I can use an iPad very efficiently, even though items are often set at 3mm pitch (DPReview forum list, for example).

Seems that MS is afflicted with the "ponytail" school of GUI design.

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