Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

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Re: Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

threw the lens wrote:

Nikon offered free recall of any D600 so there is no good reason to find a D600 with the oil spatter problem now.

Of course, there are.

Not every D600 owner was aware of the advisory as service advisories for consumer electronics (which this is really) isn't the same as let's say an auto advisory as most consumer products companies don't have a complete list of consumers who purchased the product so they can't directly notify them.  All the company can do is to do a press release and inform their retailers about the issue.  If the product's owner doesn't look at industry media (ie photo websites and the like) or visit their retailer asking about the issue, they would never know about it.  This is very similar to how products with an actual safety recall can still be found in 2nd hand stores and private sales.

Also, even if the shutter has been replaced and tested by Nikon, that doesn't mean the camera won't have a problem.  How do I know?  Because I had that happen to me... I sent my D600 in for cleaning before the end of the service advisory thinking I would get a good cleaning in for free before the end of the advisory.  Nikon deemed it to be a good idea to replace my shutter with a new one while they had it.  After I got the camera back from Nikon, I found that it now had an oil spatter issue when it didn't have one before (it just had a dust issue).  To Nikon's credit, they immediately decided to replace the camera with a new D610.  I convinced them to allow me to upgrade to a D780 (for an additional cost of course) and then COVID hit and closed all of the service centres.  I may get my replacement/upgrade by the end of the month after sending my camera in originally in November.

In short, while I travelled large portions of the globe with my D600 and found the results great, I would not buy another at this point since Nikon cancelled their service advisory.

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